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All existing and new clients will be required to complete a Pet Care Agreement.

UPDATE:  Due to rising costs and increased work from home opportunities minimizing the need for pet care services, the business model is no longer viable without significant risk to our livelihood in this area. Victory Paws will remain closed for the time being, and hopefully reopening in a more affordable area in the future.

Cancellation policy:

Walks: Cancel up to 2 times with payment credited towards future bookings. After 2 untimely cancellations, payment will be forfeited.

Daycare/Boarding: 48 hour cancellation policy. Cancel up to 2 times inside of 48 hours with payment credited to future bookings. 

Daycare schedule:

Monday - Thursday (9-5) 

Earliest drop off time is 8:15 am. Earliest pick up time is 8:45 am. Please note that we are only accepting new dogs if they will have a regular schedule, are fully house trained (potty outside only), altered, fairly calm, and compatible with resident cats. 

Weekday walk scheduling:

If you do not have a regular schedule confirmed with Victory Paws, please send us next week's schedule ASAP as we will confirm walks on a first come, first serve basis. The faster your walk requests get to us, the more likely you will get the times you want. If we do not hear from you voluntarily by Sunday, we will message you asking about your schedule. 

Booking confirmations:

To be fair to confirmed clients, if you have not confirmed your booking within 48 hours of booking time request, your booking may be forfeited to be in service to existing confirmed bookings.


Standard is overnight rate is $50 per 24 hours. While we don't have a specific drop off time, but if it's many hours extra over the 24 period, we charge $12.50 per 6 hours (quarter day). 

We do this because, unfortunately, people have taken advantage of this service by not taking the pickup time seriously, and being unresponsive with contacting us. For example, if a dog is dropped off at 9 am but not picked up until 5 pm the next day rather than 9 am the next day, we have to rearrange our schedule to accommodate, which can end up costing us a lot of time and money and it also disservices our existing clients. 

Of course, we are flexible when it comes to emergencies, and a couple of extra hours isn't always a big deal (it's when it's over 4 that it becomes a problematic). 

We also require to be paid 48 hours in advance for the total boarding time, and confirmation is also needed within 48 hours due to no-show issues. (Extremely costly for a small business since the spot is taken and we lose the income and the ability to rebook that spot last minute).


Please note that due to a lack of demand surrounding holidays, we may need to restrict our service. Let us know ASAP if you will / will not be requesting dog services on holidays and the days surrounding serious holidays. Please let us know ASAP if you will/will not be needing services during school holidays.

Veterans Day: No services

Thanksgiving: No services the Wednesday before, Thanksgiving Thursday, and the Friday after.

Christmas: No services on Christmas Eve and Christmas day; 26th based on enough demand.

New Years: No services on New Years Day

MJK Jr day: Based on demand

Presidents day: Based on demand

Marathon Monday: Based on demand

Memorial day: No services on Memorial Day. Surrounding days will be based on demand.

July 4th: No services on the 4th. Surrounding days will be based on demand.

Labor Day: No services on Labor Day. Surrounding days will be based on demand.

Columbus Day: Based on demand

Please make every effort to provide easy parking. Cambridge, Somerville and the surrounding areas can be very difficult to park and is essential to staying on schedule. To provide the best possible service to you and your pets, and all of our clients, providing efficient and simple parking is extremely important, especially in the winter when snow emergencies significantly reduce parking options.

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